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Enterprise scale water treatment

Aquaporin Inside™ Reverse Osmosis and Forward Osmosis membranes can benefit a range of enterprise scale processes, improving performance and reducing both CAPEX and OPEX.

Hotels, Restaurants and Catering
Applications for HoReCa typically include using reverse osmosis element for treating inlet water better to required specifications for e.g. coffee makers and dishwashers. For most applications a tank is required to secure a constant flow of treated water. Aquaporin Inside™ reverse osmosis membranes can improve HoReCa applications in several ways. Firstly, the higher water flux of the membranes can reduce footprint and energy consumption. Secondly, the higher flux improves the capacity of the system, so a holding tank may not be needed. The Aquaporin inside™ technology can also be applied in a forward osmosis solution for re-use of grey water to cleaning applications – please see below.

For Carwashes, compact equipment is typically required, due to limited space for additional equipment. Several steps are required to clean a vehicle, each process with its own requirements for the water quality. Today many carwashes use an RO system to produce “spot free” rinse water, but today’s RO systems require a holding tank, which increases footprint. The Aquaporin Inside™ RO membrane, delivers a higher flux, that may eliminate the need for a tank and still secure a stable water supply. Secondly, the Aquaporin Inside™ membranes, when applied in a forward osmosis process, gives the carwash the opportunity to re-use a very high percentage of its dirty water and because the FO application is very energy efficient, the owner will experience both an environmental and economic benefit.

In almost every cleaning process, fresh clean water is used as the main source for both pre-treatment, treatment and post-treatment. Instead of applying fresh water to all stages of the processes, detergents can be used as a very effective draw solution in a forward osmosis process. The source of feed could be either gray water (e.g. from pre-treatment) or any other waste water stream available. The end product is a diluted soap solution that can be applied directly in the treatment step of the cleaning process. The Aquaporin Inside™ solution is focused on effective re-use of waste water, that lower the cost for inlet water and discharge fees. Possible applications include:

  • Laundries
  • Washing Machines
  • Facility cleaning