Aquaporin Inside® Forward Osmosis membrane products

Aquaporin Inside® Forward Osmosis (FO) membrane enables high rejection of contaminants and low reverse back diffusion using only osmotic pressure.

Start forward osmosis piloting with Aquaporin Inside® FO products

Aquaporin produces advanced FO membranes that are highly capable of rejecting contaminants and/or retaining valuable compounds.

Higher rejection rates and exceptionally low back diffusion of draw solutes
The Aquaporin Inside® FO Membrane Technology enables higher rejections using aquaporin proteins in the active layer. Aquaporin proteins are virtually 100% selective to water molecules, which drastically lowers back diffusion of draw solutes.

Ideal FO applications include:

  • Concentration of valuable components when you want to retain aromas, colours, flavours, and nutrients. Examples include concentration of milk protein, coffee, fruit juices, etc.
  • Pre-treatment of difficult wastewater before reverse osmosis (RO) treatment. Low fouling propensity of FO protects the RO membrane while the double membrane barrier (FO and RO) generates high quality permeate water without micro-pollutants and xenobiotics.
  • Zero or Minimal Liquid Discharge applications where the aim is to reach high water recovery resulting in a minimum amount of liquid waste to be treated.


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