The Aquaporin Space Alliance (ASA) is commercializing the patented Aquaporin Inside® technology in space applications and space programs together with European and US-based entities. ASA is a joint venture company created by Aquaporin A/S and Danish Aerospace Company ApS. Danish Aerospace Company holds key expertise in deploying advanced technology in space projects together with customers and has done so successfully for 25 years. The hardware from DAC has flown on the majority of todays manned and unmanned space transportation vehicles.

The Aquaporin Inside® technology offers a broad field of applications within the European and US space programs primarily in Manned Space programs such as those of ESA and NASA and within the new growing private sector space. Potential applications for Aquaporin Inside® membranes range from: Drinking water in space suits, space capsules or space stations, clean technical water for specific use (cooling or humidity control) and batteries all the way to water purification of local sources on foreign celestial bodies for future exploration.