Sustainable transformation of the Aquaporin headquarters leads to architectural award 2017.

On October 2 Lyngby-Taarbæk municipality awarded Aquaporin headquarters with the architectural prize 2017 for the transformation of an old, dilapidated, industrial building to a modern house for a company in rapid development in 2017.

Sylvie Braekevelt, Project Manager at Aquaporin onsite the ARLA Foods pilot test

With the award followed the words:

“The building, that was left empty for several years, has now – from a cooperation between Aquaporin and NORM architects – in the most distinguished way been transformed from a dead industrial skull to a modern headquarter for the Aquaporin Group.

With a solid understanding and respect for the act of Aquaporin as a company, NORM architects have combined the pure and the crude – the old and the new – letting a sharp contrast bringing the best of both forward.

In a time when you often erase old facilities to build new, there is great sympathy, sustainability and foresight in the renovation and preparation of the headquarters”

Peter Holme Jensen, CEO comments: “We, Aquaporin and NORM architects, are very proud to be honored with this award. We appreciate the great work of the committee in Lyngby-Taarbæk and treasure the common value in sustainable transformation and development – that is the key of Aquaporin as a company”

The headquarter building of Aquaporin was established in the 1960’s and first time honored the architectural award in 1971. The original visual touch of the building has been preserved.

 Further information:

CEO, Peter Holme Jensen, Aquaporin A/S, Nymøllevej 78, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark. Website: www.aquaporin.com Phone: +4582303082

Aquaporin A/S is a water technology company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark with activity in Singapore and China. Our company is dedicated to revolutionizing water purification through the use of industrial biotechnological technique and thinking. Our company is a global leader in developing, producing and marketing biomimetic membranes for industrial and consumer water applications based on nature’s own water filtration system – the highly selective and efficient aquaporin water channels. The Aquaporin Inside™ platform uses biotechnological principles in a technological context which is a novel upcoming field with large commercial perspectives and is capable of separating and purifying water from all other compounds.


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