19 Apr New headquarters in Kongens Lyngby

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Having outgrown our previous office and laboratory building in Nørrebro, Copenhagen – Aquaporin A/S has moved into our new headquarters in Kongens Lyngby, north of Copenhagen during April.

Being close to Copenhagen and to DTU, The Technical University of Denmark, with whom Aquaporin A/S has a close collaboration, the location of the new headquarters is ideal for Aquaporin A/S.

The more than 7.000 square meter big facility is owned by M. Goldschmidt Ejendomme and has previously housed a cling film company. The building has been fully renovated and modernized during 2015 and the beginning of 2016, prior the move.

“We think, we have created a very unique facility, where Aquaporin can and will create the future”, says CEO Peter Holme Jensen.

The new headquarters holds plenty of space for both offices, laboratories, membrane testing, showroom, production and storage. Aquaporin A/S’s new headquarters is a unique facility, since it is large enough to house all the different business areas of Aquaporin A/S under one roof. Being able to move from offices and laboratories directly to the production facilities will ensure a close collaboration and integration between the different business and focus areas of Aquaporin A/S.

From the new headquarters, Aquaporin A/S will produce and develop the patented Aquaporin Inside™ membrane technology. The full scale production of membranes is scheduled for Q3 2016 and membrane products will be available on the market in Q4 2016.


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