11 Oct Salinity power in Japan

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The Japanese Patent Office has just announced that Aquaporin A/S will be granted a patent based on the Japanese patent application No. 2011-247702 titled “Biomimetic water membrane comprising aquaporins used in the production of salinity power” adding another important step towards Aquaporin’s future market entry on the Asian continent.

The Japanese patent will add to the list of issued patents covering the use of the Aquaporin Inside™ membrane technology in salinity power applications. In addition, the invention has been patented in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and China.

Salinity power – or osmotic power – is a CO2 neutral and sustainable power source originating from osmotic gradients arising where fresh or brackish water flows into saltwater. The Aquaporin Inside™ membrane technology offers a solution to the existing challenges of providing efficient membranes for the salinity power process.

The salinity power technology is especially applicable in Japan with its extensive length of coastline. The flow volume of Japan’s rivers has been said to give the potential of generating enough osmotic energy to replace five to six nuclear reactors.

For in-depth information about salinity power click here.

For more information on the patents and the technology or if you wish to discuss the possibility of obtaining a licensing agreement to the invention, please contact Head of IP Department Marianne Spanget Larsen at msl@aquaporin.dk or phone +45 2710 2077.


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