25 Jun Envex 2013

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ENVEX 2013

In June 2013, Vice President, Research, Claus Hélix-Nielsen participated in Korean ENVEX 2013 – the 35th International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy.

Aquaporin was one of many Danish exhibitors on a Danish pavilion organized by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, the Danish Embassy in Seoul, and Copenhagen Capacity. The pavilion provided Aquaporin with an ideal showcase for its technology and invited the many potential Korean cooperation and development partners to a dialogue on opportunities for the Korean water industry.

These days, Korea is focusing intensely on green growth. Green technologies are anticipated to become the country’s next global success and some of the world’s leading industrial companies operating in the energy and environmental sectors are based in Korea. There is immense political support in the country to enhance collaborations with Danish water companies, and the Aquaporin Inside™ technology fits perfectly in the scope of technologies that the Asian country is striving to get access to.

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