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At the booth of the Public Utilities Board (PUB), Singapore’s National Water Agency, Aquaporin Asia will be showcasing for the first time ever its forward osmosis (FO) demonstrator module using the Aquaporin Inside™ technology to extract water. The live demonstration provides a clear indication of the capabilities of Aquaporin’s membranes.

Mark Perry, COO Aquaporin Asia: “Presenting the Aquaporin Inside™ technology at the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) marks the beginning of Aquaporin Asia’s operations in Singapore, and will without a doubt contribute immensely to the future growth of the company”

Singapore International Water Week is said to be the global platform for the sharing and co-creation of innovative water solutions. Throughout the week of July 1st to 5th the water sector will gather to present and discuss new technologies that will improve the world.

Read more about PUB and EWI here.

  • The Aquaporin Inside technology™ draws crowds at Singapore International Water Week 


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