15 Jun Aquaporin A/S consolidates cooperation with Membrana GMBH on product development

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Aquaporin A/S and German based company Membrana GmbH, a part of Polypore Inc., has received a joint grant from The Danish Business Innovation Fund (Fornyelsesfonden). The project “Industrial water extraction by the use of an aquaporin membrane” depicts the core activity within Aquaporin’s development of hollow fiber based membrane modules and consolidates the cooperation with Membrana GmbH. A third partner, the Singapore Membrane Technology Centre, (SMTC) will provide sparring during the co-development and test prototypes to benchmark against their scientific results.

The objective of the collaborative project is to incorporate the unique and patented Aquaporin Inside™ technology capable of extracting and purifying water from all other compounds into Membrana’s high-performance contactor modules ending up with a final, highly competitive product. Although the project is already initiated, it will officially start on July 1st, 2011 and will run for two years, after which the partners intend to commercialise their first joint product.

The total budget of the overall project is DKK 18,386,928 (EUR 2,450,000) of which the fond covers DKK 7,257,500 (approximately EUR 975,000). This project is a perfect match with The Business Innovation Fund’s strategy to provide financial support to large, cross-functional innovation projects within green business – based on user-driven innovation.

About The Business Innovation Fund
The Business Innovation Fund is an official government initiative established in autumn 2009 under the Danish Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs. The aim is to develop innovative commercial products and services that can meet the increasing global demand for green solutions and welfare as well as generate growth and employment in Denmark.

About Membrana Gmb
 Membrana GmbH is part of Polypore Inc., a leading international manufacturer and supplier of microporous membranes in the Energy Storage and Separations markets. Polypore Inc. is the world’s largest supplier of electrolytic separators for industrial, automotive and specialty energy storage applications, and a leading supplier of membranes to the lithium battery market. The company has ten strategically located manufacturing facilities in the USA, Europe and Asia and serves its global markets through sales offices in North and South America, Europe, Japan, Australia, South East Asia and China. Membrana is the world’s largest supplier of microporous membranes for medical applications like dialysis, oxygenation, and plasma separation. Membrana is also a major supplier of membrane products to the semiconductor, power, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and photographic markets.

About SMTC
The Singapore Membrane Technology Centre (SMTC) was established in January 2008 to perform fundamental and applied research in membrane technology. In particular, the SMTC has a mission to become a world-class research centre in membranes for the Environment and Water Technology industries (EWT). The SMTC is part of the Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute (NEWRI) “ecosystem”, and is supported by NTU, EWI and the industry.


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