15 Feb Natural ingredients and green energy with sustainable purification technologies

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Aquaporin A/S participates in an Innovation Consortium “Natural ingredients and green energy with sustainable purification technologies” funded by the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation.

The consortium is motivated from today’s lack of economical incitement to purify ingredients from biomass as the current technologies are energy demanding, technically complicated and environmentally unfriendly. So far, this has led to low returns on investments in the necessary research and development. Also until now there has been no Danish platform where Danish industries can test the recovery potential in industrial residual products and biomass – from screening and extraction of ingredients over quality control of active compounds to evaluating the heating value of the extracted residual products.

In the consortium Aquaporin A/S wishes to develop its “Aquaporin Inside™ technology” for processing biomass fractions from the industry. The technologies in the consortium will be combined to form a new technological platform for ensuring sustainable intelligent exploitation of biomass.

The overall budget of the consortium is 35 M DKK out of which 15 M DKK is granted to this project. The project will be running from 2011 til 2013.

The participants in the consortium are:

  • Agro Korn A/S
  • AllerAqua A/S
  • Aquaporin A/S
  • Center for Bioressourcer og Innovation ApS (CEBI)
  • DSS Silkeborg
  • DTU Physics
  • Jens Møller Products ApS
  • Launis Fiskekonserves
  • Technological Institute
  • University of Aarhus
  • Universty of Southern Denmark
  • Upfront Cromatography A/S

Associated participants:

  • Back11Basis A/S
  • BTG Bioliquids BV
  • CBMI (Center for Bioenergi og Miljøteknologisk Innovation)
  • Chr Hansen A/S
  • Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune
  • Universidade Técnia de Lisboa, Instituto Superoir de Agronomia (ISA)
  • Wetsus