15 Jan Aquaporin A/S initiates collaboration with Membrana GMBH

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On its course toward market entry, Aquaporin A/S has initiated collaboration on product development and further dialogue with German-based Membrana GmbH, a part of Polypore Inc., with the aim of entering into a full and binding strategic partnership agreement with the scope of a joint product development programme in 2011. The objective of the collaboration is to incorporate the unique and patented Aquaporin Inside™ technology capable of extracting and purifying water from all other compounds into Membrana’s high-performance contactor modules ending up with a final, highly competitive product.

“Our business strategy is to develop final applications of Aquaporin’s revolutionising technology together with recognised industry leaders”, says CEO of Aquaporin A/S Peter Holme Jensen. “This is why Aquaporin is very pleased to have taken this first important step towards boosting our development work together with a knowledgeable and experienced partner such as Membrana.” 

Membrana too embraces the new opportunities. “We are excited to enter into this collaboration and are looking forward to developing a new technology for the water market“, says Membrana’s Oliver Schuster, VP Research & Development.

According to Aquaporin CTO Oliver Geschke, a close cooperation, well-organised project management and in-house expertise in both companies will secure success of the programme.“We have high expectations to the new alliance; Aquaporin is an expert in membrane formulation and Membrana is renowned for its work within contactor module design and development. Together we expect to be able to provide composite membrane products designed for any particular application.”

About Membrana GmbH
Membrana GmbH is part of Polypore Inc., a leading international manufacturer and supplier of microporous membranes in the Energy Storage and Separations markets. Polypore Inc. is the world’s largest supplier of electrolytic separators for industrial, automotive and specialty energy storage applications, and a leading supplier of membranes to the lithium battery market. The company has ten strategically located manufacturing facilities in the USA, Europe and Asia and serves its global markets through sales offices in North and South America, Europe, Japan, Australia, South East Asia and China.

Membrana is the world’s largest supplier of microporous membranes for medical applications like dialysis, oxygenation, and plasma separation. Membrana is also a major supplier of membrane products to the semiconductor, power, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and photographic markets.


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