15 Oct First US patent allowed

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We are happy to announce that US Patent and Trademark Office has issued the Notice of Allowability for Aquaporin’s first US patent application. The US patent application titled “MEMBRANE FOR FILTERING OF WATER” will now proceed to issuance.

You can read the original US patent application here.

Israeli Patent Application Allowed
At the same time the Israeli patent authorities have allowed Aquaporin’s patent application titled “MEMBRANE FOR FILTERING OF WATER” which will now proceed to issuance.

The Israeli patent application corresponds to our granted EP patent which you can read here.

Thus, Aquaporin has quite uniquely already obtained 4 patent allowances at an early stage of the company’s development.

Aquaporin will be continuing its strategy of maintaining a proactive patenting of all new technologies. Further patent applications covering core developments in the field of water purification and filtration are in the pipeline.

For interest in obtaining a licensing agreement to the inventions please contact IPR Manager Marianne Spanget Larsen at msl@aquaporin.dk or mobile phone +45 2710 2077.7.


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