15 May Two prominent industry experts join Aquaporin’s new established ambassador corps

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Aquaporin has successfully signed up its first two Ambassadors to join the company’s independent Ambassador Corps established May 2009. Both are esteemed and respected scientists and opinion makers in the water technology industry.

Nobel Laureate Peter Agre was rewarded the 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discovery of aquaporins. This discovery paved the way for a multitude of biochemical, physiological and genetic studies of water channels, and today Aquaporin is exploring the commercial use of Peter Agre’s finding through its unique Aquaporin membrane technology.

  • “Pure water is one of the world’s most precious resources. Thus, development of new methods for water purification is a major challenge. Combining aquaporins, nature’s own water purifiers, with 21st century nanotechnologies may provide the direction to meet this challenge”Peter Agre
    University Professor and Director of Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute, USA

The other Ambassador, globally renowned Anthony Fane, is an international expert in membrane technology and currently heads the Singapore Membrane Technology Centre which focuses on important aspects of water technology within the development of membranes.

  • “Membrane technology will be the key to water purification for a thirsty planet. We have much to learn from nature’s water transporting aquaporins. The incorporation of aquaporins into synthetic membranes promises a paradigm shift in membrane technology for water purification”Anthony Fane
    University Professor and Director of the Singapore Membrane Technology Centre

The parties have signed a voluntary, non-profit agreement on membership in the impartial Aquaporin Ambassador Corps, which intends to constitute a powerful group of volunteers devoting their time and utilising their reputation to support Aquaporin’s activities within the water technology business.

The mission of the Ambassador Corps is to foster and promote the development of the Aquaporin water membrane technology by having Ambassadors spread the news of Aquaporin’s activities in a positive manner whenever relevant, thereby supporting an industrial acceptance of the biomimetic Aquaporin water membrane technology within the water industry.

Aquaporin plans to extend the Ambassador Corps with other significant industry experts in the near future.


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