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Aquaporin Inside™ Reverse Osmosis membrane products

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a proven technology and widely applied as the final step in many water treatment processes in order to turn polluted water into drinkable or reusable water. The Aquaporin Inside™ technology allows RO membranes to have both improved water flux and higher rejection rates. All our RO products are made from flat sheets and supplied as spiral wound modules adhering to industry standards. Currently, we deliver tap water RO membranes with increased water flux. High rejection tap water as well as brackish water and seawater RO membranes are under development.

Tap water RO spiral wound modules
Aquaporin Inside™ Tap Water Reverse Osmosis (TWRO), has been developed to run at a very low pressure and still supply a stable water flow. The improved flux can be utilized in applications by running at a lower pressure or without a tank. The membrane can be used in smaller applications and areas where the feed water has already been pretreated. The Aquaporin Inside™ TWRO is available with the following specifications:

  • Aquaporin Inside RO Tap Water – 1812/150 GPD

Tap Water RO flat sheet membranes
Aquaporin Inside™ Reverse Osmosis flat sheet, can be used in special designed applications, where a customized size is required or for research purposes.

  • 40 cm wide Tap Water Reverse Osmosis membrane on roll in required length