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Aquaporin Inside™ Forward Osmosis membrane products

AAquaporin Inside™ Forward Osmosis (FO), has its benefits in treatment of difficult wastewater streams with a minimum need for pretreatment and low fouling propensity.

The FO process uses only the osmotic pressure difference between a feed water stream and the draw solution as a driving force, making it highly energy efficient. The integration of the aquaporin protein pores into the rejection layer makes the Aquaporin Inside™ FO membranes highly capable of rejecting difficult contaminants or withhold valuable components. The process is perfect for wastewater reduction and for gentle up concentration of valuable components. We currently deliver FO membranes for research and piloting purposes in Hollow Fiber and flat sheet form factors. Larger modules, including Spiral Wound modules, are under development.

Hollow Fiber modules
Aquaporin Inside™ Hollow Fibers FO Modules offers very high packing density. The module is suited for feed waters containing small particles. Hollow fiber modules are easy to install and can be used in most processes, where a wastewater or up concentration stream is present. The hollow fibers from Aquaporin are coated with the aquaporin proteins on the lumen side of the fibers, to improve the performance. We currently deliver in one size.

  • 0.6 m2 active area – for small scale pilot

To inquire about FO hollow fiber modules, please go to ordering


Flat sheet FO membranes
Aquaporin Inside™ Forward Osmosis flat sheet, can be used in specially designed applications, where a customized size is required or for research purposes.

  • 40 cm wide membrane on roll in required length
  • 25 cm wide membrane on roll in required length – research and small scale pilot
  • AIM60 – 5,5 x 11 cm (fits Sterlitech CF42-Chamber) – research only
  • AIM256 – 13,5 x 19 cm (fits Sterlitech SEPA CFII)- research only